Coastal and ICW Cruising Made Safe and Fun

Hi and welcome to Cruising Captains!

We are committed to bringing a range of services to the coastal cruising community. Our passion is making cruising more safe and enjoyable. An easy way to say what we are all about is that we want to make "boat owners" worthy of being called Captain.

What makes a Captain "worthy" in our opinion is these five things:

  1. Knowledgeable in navigation, safety, and overall boat operation in the waters she or he uses
  2. Understanding the basics of all the systems on the boat, basic troubleshooting, and how to make emergency repairs while underway
  3. Committed to maintaining their boat in a seaworthy condition. This means implementing a preventive maintenance system to avoid problems before they occur and making safety related repairs as a priority
  4. Making crew safety and comfort a priority. This can run from not getting underway in unsafe weather to making sure the crew stays safe during docking and underway
  5. Confident in maneuvering their boat in a variety of conditions and knowing when the conditions my get beyond their ability and avoiding those situations

In my case, I've learned these things over 60+ years of boating and learning from my mistakes. I've had some high level training that led me to commanding a nuclear fast attack submarine and also the careful teaching from mentors. Our passion is getting you to the "SAFE" level in those 5 things above, so you can be confident when your crew calls you "Captain".

We will be providing training in the form of hands-on instruction on the water and classes which will initially be virtual, then move into in-person classes in Charleston SC as COVID permits. Our intent is not to replace the great training that's already in place from the US Power Squadron, captain's license schools and other. We want to build on those training courses with specific things about your boat, your cruising waters, and your experience level vs. where you want to be.

With cruising training and education as our main passion, we intend to also provide several services to support cruising captains. We will offer products in our online store that we have tried and approve. Boat deliveries and charters will be a service to get new captains into cruising and get your boat where you need it to meet your schedule. We can put a captain on your boat for training, or on ours.

If you have anything to add to our collection of resources, new products you would like to know more about, or any issues around making your cruising life easier, please contact us and let us know. We are here to help.

Give Us a Call at 843-670-7838