Cruising Captains Offers Boat Delivery on the East Coast of the USA

We Offer

  • USCG Licensed captains with extensive experience
  • Sail and power
  • Dependable and reliable deliveries
  • Safe and cautious operation at all times
  • Daily status reports and updates
  • Inshore or offshore (depending on weather and boat condition)
  • Affordable rates

Call for a detailed quote 843-670-7838

Our typical rates are $350 per day for the Captain and $150 per day for crew.

With our daily rates, we are not incentivized to run your boat excessively hard to get on to our next delivery. We will deliver at a good pace, discussed with you prior to booking. We value getting your boat to the new destination with no damage, far more important than speed.

Additional charges are typically:

  • Travel expenses at cost, with receipts. Waived if the captain is within 50 miles of start or finishing destination. Flights are economy class.
  • $50 per day for provisions
  • Dockage (we will not stay at expensive marinas and most of our captains enjoy anchoring out every other day)
  • Fuel
  • Repairs. All repairs over $100 will be pre-approved if we can reach the owner. We will try to repair things ourselves first, if clearly within our capabilities